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Enter your NET annual income and your total monthly fixed outgoings

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? NET annual income in Euros as per tax returns or P60. You can include rental income here as well.
? Enter the total for your fixed monthly commitments for loans and alimony. Do not include payments for utility bills.
? Select a Repayment or Interest Only product to see how much you can afford.

Based on your details, you could estimate...

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Your max loan
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Your spend on a mortgage per month

Create your purchase guide

? Please enter the purchase price of the property you want to buy excluding notary fees.
? Please put here the total amount of equity you would like to put into the property.
? Please select the type of property you are looking to buy: existing or yet to be built.
? Select a Repayment or Interest Only product to see how much you can afford.

This produces a potential purchase guide of...

? This is the amount which a bank might lend you – this is not an offer.
Loan Amount
? This is the percentage of the loan versus the purchase price of the property.
Loan to value (LTV) %
? This amount includes the equity you place into the property and an estimation for the additional fees and taxes. See here for more information
Personal contribution inc. fees & taxes
? Any amount in this box is an estimation of the amount a bank may wish you to place with them for this type of product. It may be pledged for the duration of the loan.
Savings to be placed with the bank
? Pure rate. Not the APRC. For the APRC, please read the description below.
Capital repayment over 20 years
? This is your estimated monthly payment for your mortgage. It excludes the insurance.
Your spend on a mortgage per month

ERCs: Early repayment charges are limited to 6 months interest and are applicable with fixed rates only

Enter details of your NET annual income converted into euros into the box on the left and your total monthly out goings for loans, personal loans, car loans, mortgages, alimony. You can exclude payments for school fees and insurances. Then select a product type and see how much you can afford. If you have a lot of buy to let mortgages then add the rent to your annual income and do contact us for a final check Learn more

Important notes:

  • 1. It is usally not possible to get a mortgage on an off plan property in Portugal. Only once it has been fully completed. Read more here
  • 2. The affordability calculation is based on a a ratio between your fixed financial outgoings and net income called a debt to income ratio. Find out more about the affordability calculation and how to calculate how much you can borrow from Portuguese banks. Read more here
  • 3. Once you complete the application form we can get a decision in principle. The rest of the process to get a mortgage in Portugal can take 2 to 3 months. Read more
  • 4. This calculator does not perform credit checks. A credit report will most likely be required by the Portuguese bank. Read more

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All figures above are an estimation and are suject to change at any time.
All finance is subject to status, with complete terms found in the actual mortgage offer.

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